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Visitor Guidelines

Helpful Hints for a Happy Holiday
Welcome to Robin Hoods Bay, and we hope you have a wonderful holiday here.

The purpose of these guidelines is to help you to join in with the unique village experience of Old Bay, whilst making sure your holiday runs smoothly and most enjoyably.

Old Bay

The lower part of the Bay is an old village, with the cottages and houses built close to each other. The alleys and roads can be twisting and narrow, and there is still a local population who live and work here.

Holiday Parking

The car parks are at the top of the bank. Daily payments can be made at the Pay and Display machines, or permits for longer stays can be obtained from the Post Office. Some people park in the car park and carry their luggage down to their accommodation. If the distance is too far, you can drive down the bank to unload. Please try to park as close to the road edge as possible so that other vehicles can pass, and return to the car park once unloaded.


Recycling bins are located in the Station Road car park, with a larger centre in Whitby. Please try and recycle as much as you can. Please don’t leave bin bags of rubbish in the street overnight, as badgers, foxes and seagulls will forage for food ! A handy tip used by some cottage owners, is to place a heavy rock in the bottom of the dustbin to stop badgers tipping them over !

Beach safety

Tide timetables can be found in the village newspaper “The Bayfair”, or in the tides booklet sold in various shops. Please do not ‘wave dodge’ or stand in the slipway if the tide is rough. Please also be aware of what your children are doing. The cliffs at Bay are not safe to climb on.

There are no bins on the beach, so kindly take your rubbish home or put it in one of the village bins. Dogs are allowed on the beach, but you must poopa scoop after them as in all the village. Please do not feed the seagulls as unfortunately in time they start to swoop and steal from adults and children alike. Please try and take plastic rather than glass items onto the beach. If you find any broken glass on the beach, please report it to the village caretaker Mr Holdsworth (in the green overalls).

From time to time you will see fishermen launching their boats. Please take great care around the activity, and make sure that your children do not play on the boats and tractors.

Bay is a wonderful place for children. Please make sure that they are playing safely and in areas appropriate to play.

There is no unauthorised parking on the beach or slipway. Coastguard 999.


The old cottages do not have double glazing. Kindly spare a thought for those who are sleeping when leaving the pubs at night time. Also remember your next door neighbours – they may not appreciate your taste in heavy rock music !

We hope that you have a wonderful holiday in Robin Hood’s Bay and go home with lots of memories to treasure.

Come back soon !

Thanks to http://www.robin-hoods-bay.co.uk for this article.